Special Assistence

Special Assistence



Passengers with or in need of a wheelchair

There are three internationally recognized wheelchair categories. To help us understand how we can help you in the best way possible, please let us know to which category you belong:

WCHR – Wheelchair Ramp: You can independently ascend and descend steps and move in the aircraft cabin, but you need a wheelchair to cover longer distances.

WCHS – Wheelchair Steps: You are not able to ascend and descend steps on your own, but you are capable of moving independently in the aircraft cabin. You need a wheelchair for longer distances and must be carried up and down steps.

WCHC – Wheelchair Cabin seat: You are completely immobile and require a wheelchair at all times. You must be carried up and down steps, and to and from your seat.

When you arrive at your destination airport your own wheelchair is returned to you either immediately after disembarking the plane or at the latest at the baggage claim. In the latter case, you will be taken there in an airport wheelchair or an electric cart by a staff member of the airport's assistance company.

How far in advance do I need to book a wheelchair?

As soon as you make your booking, you need to contact us to add your assistance in your booking.

We can only guaranteed this if we have a min of 24h to prepare your special assistance.

How can I reserve a wheelchair?

By contacting our Customer Services Center.

Customer Service Center:

mon-fri 08.00 - 20.00
BE: +32 3 304 82 09 

UK: +44 207 048 06 14

DE: +49 89 262 057 00

CH: +41 445 510 310

Blind/visually impaired and deaf/hearing impaired passengers

If you are blind/visually impaired or deaf/hearing impaired, you can receive special assistance. Please let us know if you need assistance in the airports. In addition, you may also be accompanied by a guide dog. 

Guests that are both blind and deaf will receive special assistance but they also need to travel with a companion.

Pregnant passengers

Are you an expectant mother with a complication-free pregnancy?

Then you are free to travel with us up to four weeks before your expected due date (or, up to and including your 36th week of pregnancy).

All you need is a medical certificate stating your expected due date. 

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